Hitachi Wheel Loaders

Hitachi Wheel Loaders

Hitachi ZW100 / ZW120

Lifting the Standard

Hitachi wheel loaders are designed with one thing in mind - productivity. That's why the operator station includes a wide view of the jobsite thanks to pillar-less front window panes. Its also why there is ample leg room, ergonomically positioned controls, air conditioning and a whole raft of other features to ensure the operator can focus on the job at hand.

Packed full of features the new Hitachi ZW series wheel loaders feature leading edge low emission diesel engine technology coupled with Hitachi's advanced hydraulic expertise to provide superior lifting ability and continuous reliability.

Durable and reliable, the medium sized Hitachi ZW series wheel loaders provide the performance contractors around the world have come to expect from an industry leader in heavy machinery. The ZW series loaders are both powerful and versatile, capable of operating across various applications.  

Model Code ZW100 / ZW120
Engine Output 62 kW (83 HP) / 68 kW (91 HP)
Operating Weight      6 530-7 100 / 7 560-8 640 kg
Bucket Capacity ISO Heaped: 1.1-1.6 m3 / 1.3-1.8 m3