Hitachi Wheel Loaders

Hitachi Wheel Loaders

Hitachi ZW140-5B

The new Hitachi ZW140-5 wheel loader has been designed with one aim in mind: empowering your vision. Productivity, comfort, advanced technology, environmental performance and maintenance, it delivers on all levels. It not only meets our customers’ expectations of high-quality, reliable machines, but also provides operators with a safer working environment, a comfortable cab with easy-to-use controls, and overall, a machine that responds quickly and precisely.   
To ensure optimum availability of the new ZW140-5, we have incorporated easy maintenance features into its design. We also offer the flexible Hitachi Support Chain after-sales program to customers who wish to further enhance its up-time and protect their investment.


Advanced technology
Comfortable and fuel efficient traveling performance with the New HST control system.

Lower fuel costs
The new ZW-5 wheel loader can work in two modes, which provide an appropriate level of performance for the specific job. One is for regular operations with the benefit of efficient fuel consumption; the other is for more demanding tasks and increases productivity. The optional auto-engine shutdown function avoids fuel wastage while the machine is waiting for a dump truck

High productivity
A new hydraulic circuit facilitates the combined operation of the bucket and lift arm for loading and prioritises the use of the bucket for unloading.

Powerful engine
The 5.2-litre four-cylinder water-cooled turbo engine enables a powerful digging performance, impressive travel speeds and benefits from excellent fuel consumption.

Heavy-duty axle
Hitachi axles are renowned for high performance and durability – ideal for working on demanding job sites.

Spacious cab
The heated air-suspension seat can slide back further, providing more legroom. The tilting telescopic pop-up steering column has also been re-positioned to create additional space.

Ultimate comfort
An air-conditioning system regulates the temperature inside the cab and a double filter is provided as standard equipment for dusty environment such as industrial waste job sites. Sound insulation reduces noise levels from the local environment.

Excellent visibility
A windshield without pillars and a large sun visor enhance visibility levels from the operator’s seat.

Quick and easy access
The redesigned engine cover provides easy access to inspection points and allows for quick maintenance from ground level.

Transmission control
The fully automatic HST system selects the appropriate speed for traveling and digging.

  Model Code:      ZW140-5B
  Max. Engine Power:     113 kW (152 HP)
  Operating Weight:     11 100 - 11 400 kg  
  Bucket ISO Heaped:      1.6 - 2.3 m³