Our Brands


Our Brands

For more than 60 years CablePrice has been powering the industry by providing the best brands and products the world has to offer, while striving to provide the highest level of service and support to our customers to assist them to build their company's towards a successful future.

Over this time, and with Hitachi obtaining 100% ownership of the company, CablePrice has continued to grow and build its brand to become one of the most prominent and recognisable brands across the construction, quarrying & mining, forestry, demolition and transportation industries in New Zealand.

The strength of the CablePrice brand comes not only from demanding the highest level of service and assistance for our customers, but also from the world leading brands and products we support.  Hitachi, John DeereBell  MontabertScania & Isuzu* are among the most identifiable brands in the world. They all have proud and strong reputations in their fields of expertise.

*CablePrice are Isuzu Truck Dealers in the Wellington Region only.


  CablePrice's world leading brands