Scania Trucks, Buses and Coaches

Swedish company Scania is one of the largest heavy truck manufacturers, not only in Europe, but the global market. Scania buses are also one of the largest-selling make in the world. This means Scania are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks and buses for heavy transport work.

The relationship between CablePrice and Scania was originally formed in July 1991 when CablePrice was appointed sole New Zealand distributor for Scania trucks and buses.

Since then Scania has become a formidable brand in New Zealand trucking. Specialising in heavy trucks (gross weight of more than 16 tonnes) and designed for long distance, distribution and construction haulage. The Scania product has a reputation of comfort, efficiency and reliability. For more detail on Scania Trucks & Buses click here.

To learn more about Scania click here to visit their global website.