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Track & Wheel

Keep up to date with the latest happenings from within CablePrice and the industry.

Track & Wheel magazine is produced 'in-house' by CablePrice to keep our valued customers up to date with events, product developments, customer profiles, competitions and much more.

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In this issue of Track & Wheel:
We catch up with Stoke Logging to chat about the performance of their new Hitachi ZW220-5B wheel loader on their Woodhill Forest skid site.  Alexander Group talk to us about the benefits of Scania Communicator and how the fleet management system is saving their business money and we hear from ATS Logging to see how they are utilising their new John Deere 909MH tracked harvester and 1910E forwarder for their cut-to-length logging operation in the Hawkes Bay.  To read about all of this and loads more, click on the image below: