Large Rock Breakers

Whether you are breaking rock or concrete, or are excavating, Montabert hydraulic breakers guarantee optimum performance for all your projects.  

The choice of a Montabert hydraulic breaker is an investment which will maximize the profitability of your work as well as protecting your excavator assets thanks to its patented mechanisms.  Montabert breakers also have a high resale value due to the longevity and reliability for which Montabert products are famous.

The heavy range is designed to be used on excavators over 18 tonnes, for demolition work, in mines, pits and for tunnel excavation as well as public works. 

  • 15 variable speeds (BRV system) which automatically adjusts to the ground conditions. 
  • Two automatic speeds (V1200, V1800, V2500, V3500 and V4500), ideal to break up homogeneous materials.
Their reliable design ensures downtime is kept to a minimum, thus minimizing operational costs and lengthening the lifespan of the breaker and the excavator.

     V32  V45 V55  V65 
Carrier Weight Range (t):     18 - 30 
 27 - 40   35 - 40   45 - 90 


     XL1000   ZX1300  VZX1700  XL1900   XL2600 
Carrier Weight Range (t):    11 - 17 15 - 22 18 - 28 21 - 31  28 - 38