Finance Calculator


Finance Calculator

This easy-to-use calculator will help you obtain an indication as to what your monthly payments will be for a CablePrice Loan.

Please note: The rate and repayments information provided is an estimate only. Please contact CablePrice Finance on 0800 346 275 for more information.

Minimum loan amount $10,000

Loan Terms 1-5 years

Purchase Amount $
Deposit $
Interest rate % ?
Balloon/Residual $ ?


Monthly Repayment $

Insurance Calculator

No claims based in
Market Value (excluding GST) $

Premium $

Important Note:

The Insurance Calculator applies to Standard Mobile Plant Insurance only, please read the enclosed terms and conditions of use:

1. These rates are for all mobile plant and equipment only, that have wheels or tracks, and are predominantly used off road.

2. Exceptions are any on road vehicle, any piece of forestry equipment, or static plant. Quotes for any of these items must be directed through ODL group.

3. The insurance calculations are indicative only, exclude GST, and assume the clients have not had a claim for 3 years.

4. Calculations include all premium charges and fire service levies.

5. There will be a requirement to complete a satisfactory proposal form within 30 days from inception of the policy which could impact on the premium indications if material facts are not disclosed prior to inception of the insurance contract.