Can I pay the loan off in full before the end of the term?

Yes, however if you do, there may be an early settlement fee.

How long are the loan terms?

Our terms are flexible, ranging from 6 months to 5 years. Longer terms and rollover of existing lease contracts can be negotiated for approved customers.

What is the security for my business loan?

Generally the only security required will be the asset you are purchasing along with a guarantee, depending on our credit assessment of your business. However, a larger deposit or more security will improve our credit assessment of your finance application. 

Is the interest rate fixed for the term of the loan?

Yes.  Therefore monthly commitments are a known factor and can be budgeted for.

Can I make lower payments in quieter months?

Yes, generally this would be discussed before your loan commences and built into your loan repayment profile.

How long will it take to get my loan approved?

Each credit application is different and dependent upon individual business circumstances, however the majority of loans can be approved within 48 hours from receipt of the appropriate information.

Do I have to go through this process every time I want to finance a purchase?

If you are willing to keep CablePrice updated with your latest and relevant financial information, this will enable future finance applications to be fast-tracked or a lending limit pre-approved.