Operating Lease


Operating Lease

Instead of buying an asset, consider taking out an operating lease to lease the asset for a predetermined period which includes an agreed asset usage allowance. This allowance covers the number of hours the machine or truck cover per month. A separate rate applies to excess hours above the agreed limit.

At the end of the lease, you simply return the asset to CablePrice. 
Ownership remains with CablePrice’s during the duration of the lease.  However, you can elect to exercise the purchase option to take ownership of the asset at a value set when the lease commenced. No excess use charges are applied if the asset is purchased.
All regular service maintenance costs are built into lease costs (excludes breakages).


• Fixed rental payment with agreed monthly usage allowance. This allows certainty     when budgeting; 
• Payments may be tax deductible if the asset is used to generate taxable income;
• Free up cash to finance growth or day-to-day business operations by not having it   tied up in assets;
• No ownership risk, asset returned at the end of lease;
• No disposal hassles.
• Update to latest model with new technology at the end of the lease term.