Rent To Own


Rent To Own

A product designed for customers to experience the benefits of using new or near new premium Hitachi, John Deere or Scania goods for an agreed period of time without having to commit to purchasing the equipment upfront. 

If you decide later to purchase the product, a percentage of the rental can be credited against the agreed purchase price and become your deposit. This option is perfect for customers with no deposit, the rental period enables you to build the deposit required for asset ownership in combination with a Hire Purchase agreement once the initial rental period finishes.  


• Fixed rental payment and usage allowance;
• Rental period can be extended up to twelve months;
• Ownership passes to the customer if the Purchase Option is exercised and finance   option (Hire Purchase) taken up;
• Approved customers can finance the purchase of the trucks or machinery on             competitive finance terms.
• It allows you to purchase an asset without a deposit upfront. You can put the truck     or machinery to use to generate the deposit needed for finance.