Used Part Warranty

  1.  A used parts purchased by the customer are covered by a three (3) month, 75,000km or 500 hour warranty, whichever event shall occur first.
  2. The warranty runs from the date the used part is sold to the customer.
  3. All claims for used parts must be supported by a copy of the purchase invoice and, or repair invoice.
  4. The extent of the coverage is limited to used parts which are found to be defective only in material or workmanship.
  5. CablePrice may determine to repair the used part or replace with another used part.
  6. The liability of CablePrice under this warranty is expressly limited to the provisions specified here, and in no event shall CablePrice incur any liability whatsoever (whether direct, indirect or loss of profit).


  1. Used parts that were not installed correctly.
  2. Used Parts damaged due to user’s mishandling, incorrect installation or incorrect maintenance work.
  3. Used parts that are not supported by a copy of the purchase invoice or repair invoice.


  1. A claim must be submitted within 30 days from the date of the part failure occurring.
  2. Where the defective used part has a serial number, the serial number must be provided.
  3. Claim must be supported by a valid CablePrice invoice number.