Hitachi Remanufactured Parts


Hitachi Remanufactured Parts

Hitachi Construction Machinery offers remanufactured parts as an alternative to the purchase of new parts and parts repairs.
Remanufactured parts contribute to reduced machine downtime and maintenance costs, and maintain high machine performance.

High quality “Made by Hitachi”

The same strict quality criteria used for new parts are applied to remanufactured parts, ensuring that only parts that pass strict performance tests are delivered to customers around the world. High quality "Made by Hitachi" remanufactured parts also support machine profitability.

Same manufacturer warranty as new and genuine parts

This logo means remanufactured components by Hitachi Construction Machinery are covered by the same manufacturer warranty as new and genuine parts for total peace of mind.

Reduced downtime

With the use of remanufactured parts, the replacement of broken components is possible, reducing downtime when compared with parts repair.

Environmentally conscious

Hitachi Construction Machinery will collect your used parts, and transform them into remanufactured parts after disassembly and repair for use by the next customer. The use of remanufactured parts by Hitachi Construction Machinery enables you to contribute to protecting the environment, and ensuring the maximized use of resources.

*The use of remanufactured parts requires you to return used parts. Please return parts when purchasing remanufactured parts.

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