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Moving people and changing minds. That’s our mission. Scania offers a complete range of buses and coaches for public transport operators and coach companies.

Scania buses & coaches are renowned for their outstanding operating economy. Each component is engineered to heighten the performance of the vehicle and set world-class standards for fuel economy, driveability, Road handling, reliability and uptime. Every model can be customised to ensure that you get the best solution possible – in terms of passenger capacity, seating plans, comfort levels and other key criteria – for the transport task in hand.

Celebrating our first 100 years!
Scania began delivering strong and sustainable passenger transport solutions in 1911. At that time, Scania was part of a revolution. With this in mind, it's exciting to think about the next 100 years. Together with our partners, customers and society, we're designing strong and sustainable solutions for a global market with the passenger in focus. Next stop 2111.