Scania Buses & Coaches

N-series chassis

The Scania N-series was developed specifically for easy access and smooth passenger flow in demanding city and suburban applications.

Featuring a transverse, rear-mounted engine and a low floor throughout the length of the bus, the N-series is equipped with a Scania rigid front axle that is shared with other Scania products. The range includes two-axle single-deckers for an overall length from 10.5 up to 12.8 metres, 10.7-metre double-deckers, and 18-metre articulated buses. Scania’s 9-litre engine is available in several outputs, from 230-310 hp, all meeting Euro 4 and EEV requirements. Engines designed to run on alternative fuels are also available.

Automatic transmission comes as standard. The gearbox is a 5- or 6-speed ZF unit with an integrated retarder that provides ample braking power almost down to a standstill.

N-series city buses are certified for an external noise level of 77 dBA.