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Scania modular combustion concept

At Scania, every engine is built with a singular focus on combustion efficiency.

Each new engine starts with the creation of an optimised single cylinder unit. Variations in aspects of the design are evaluated and refined, leading to power outputs with the most desirable characteristics.

In the course of researching various single-cylinder engines of different displacements, it has become apparent that cubic capacity itself is a critical factor. Quite simply, the potential for optimisation – excellent fuel economy, low emissions and generous torque – is at its greatest when the physical dimensions of the bore and stroke are within certain critical limits. This has led to the development of the Scania modular combustion concept.

Although overall engine designs have evolved over decades, all Scania engines currently in production are based on this advanced concept. These engines have identical combustion chambers and also share components such as pushrods, valve gears, roller tappets and piston rings. This makes them not only efficient, but also exceedingly simple to maintain and repair.