Scania Buses & Coaches

Scania PDE

Advanced combustion with high-pressure unit injectors.

PDE unit injectors deliver the right amount of fuel at the right instant – with precisely the right pressure. Combustion in each cylinder is individually controlled to minimise both fuel consumption and harmful emissions. As a driver, you’ll find that engine speeds are more stable when manoeuvring in heavy traffic or when crawling along in tight parking areas.

Each unit injector has its own integral high-pressure pump, individually controlled at the point of injection. There is no need for a centralised high-pressure pump and a complex system of pipes to feed each injector. This, in turn, makes the system inherently more reliable than previous solutions. Should a malfunction occur, it will almost certainly be present in only one cylinder. This means that your bus or coach is very unlikely to be disabled. Functional testing, using built-in diagnostics, takes no more than a few seconds and can be completed by a Scania technician at the roadside, if necessary.