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Scania Opticruise

Scania Opticruise has been totally revised including an entirely new gearchanging strategy. You are now offered the unique possibility of choosing between a fully automated version with an automatic clutch and a classic version with a clutch pedal.

Scania Opticruise, one of the first automated gearchanging systems on the market, has been refined in many steps over the years. The concept of a standard mechanical gearbox remains, but the system has been extensively revised with improved mechanical components and entirely new software.

Improved functionality

The gearchanging strategy has been re-developed to provide improved functionality, comfort and convenience, as well as capacity for future refinements.

Strategy and hill performance
The gearchanging strategy is designed to continually adapt to the environment, taking into account factors such as road inclination, weight and engine characteristics, as well as the position of the accelerator pedal to match the response to the speed of the pedal movement. Early downchanges are made to maintain speed on hills without wasting fuel. The new Scania Opticruise also features a Power mode that adapts the gear changing strategy for maximum engine performance.

Hill-hold, Scania Retarder and ACC (adaptive cruise control) are fully integrated functionally, if fitted.

Manoeuvring and low-speed driving
Thanks to the electro-hydraulic control of the automatic clutch, high-precision manoeuvring is possible. In exceptional cases the manoeuvring mode provides extra precision. The manoeuvring mode disengages automatically in high range.

To ensure smooth, safe and comfortable driving, neutral is engaged instead of low range when braking from low speed, e.g. for a roundabout or stoplight. Thereafter the system prepares the most suitable gear, which is immediately engaged when the accelerator is depressed.

Load sensing and starting
A Scania vehicle is fitted with load and inclination sensors that are used to automatically adapt the vehicle to the optimal choice of starting gear. No action is required from the driver. Interaction between Scania Opticruise, launch control and clutch protection systems will maximise clutch life.

Rocking forward or backward is automatically enabled when needed.
Rocking is possible in forward or reverse gears. The system identifies the need for rocking by comparing the rotation of the drive wheels with that of the front wheels.

Extra smooth rocking is available in manoeuvring mode which can be useful in ultra-slippery conditions.

Clutch control system

The automatic clutch operates independently of driver skills and is programmed to engage fully already at low engine revs. Clutch actuation is also adapted to the information from the inclination sensor and to the required starting gear. Hence, the engine speed is raised if needed to pull away cleanly.

The clutch is never slipped during gearchanges, only used to disconnect the gearbox from the engine. These functions will effectively protect the clutch and other powertrain components from mechanical abuse.

The hill-hold feature, which engages briefly after depression of the brake pedal when stationary, makes starting even more convenient. The hydro-electric control of the automatic clutch is unique in the industry, offering the benefit of particularly precise clutch actuation.