Scania Buses & Coaches

Safe design

We constantly test and evaluate the structural integrity of our vehicles

Rollover testing

To better ensure passenger safety, Scania has conducted a unique rollover test. The test was performed according to the European requirements specified in ECE R66, which specifies that deformation of the bus body during a rollover may not compromise a pre-determined survival area. Calculations are continuously performed as new buses are developed.

Side-Impact testing

Scania’s proactive approach to the improvement of passenger and crash safety was affirmed the instant that a car travelling at 40 km/h hit the side of one of Scania’s city buses on the company’s test track. The model in question was the OmniCity – Scania’s low-floor city bus.

In the absence of a comparable European standard, the test was carried out in accordance with the provisions of the US Standard Bus Procurement Guidelines.

This standard specifies that penetration of the bus by the car under these conditions must not exceed 75 mm. This was achieved by a comfortable margin. The car also survived the test well, with the passenger compartment fully intact after the crash.

Authentic crash tests like this verify Scania’s design calculations and also help to build a bank of experience for future generations of buses.