Scania Long Haulage

Scania Long Haulage

Tank and bulk

Lightweight, reliable and with perfect handling. Scania is the perfect choice for your long-haulage tank and bulk application.

Tank and bulk transport leaves no room for delays. With Scania you start with premium-quality components and keep moving with one of the world's leading service networks. Your Scania truck is easily optimised to ensure maximum payload with great fuel economy. Driver comfort, driveability, handling and safety are never compromised. Your Scania dealer will guide you through the options.

Whether it’s fuel, milk or other liquid that is being transported, tank transportation leaves no room for delays. With industries depending on your cargo, you need a truck you can rely on. For tank and chemical transports, ADR specifications (European agreement concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by road) are available direct from the factory.

Powder, grain, granulates or other bulk goods – Scania trucks can be optimised to deliver more cargo with less fuel. Our expertise, combined with the right Scania engine, ensures ample power and torque for all operating conditions.