Precise, long-lasting braking systems for every application.

In recent years, disc brakes have become the norm for most heavy vehicles. This trend will continue, not least because disc brakes are lightweight, perform more consistently, and are easier to check and maintain.

For more rugged tasks, however, drum brakes offer superior durability and resistance to mud, gravel and inadvertent impacts. This is especially critical for construction operators who rely less on consistent, electronic brake applications, and more on dependable, mechanical components.

In both cases, Scania EBS and ABS systems ensure precise control and supreme efficiency for years of heavy operation.

Disk Brakes

Responsive, lightweight and easy to service, Scania disc brakes are the natural choice for most on-road applications.

Shorter stopping distances are just one reason to opt for disc brakes. After extended application, their superiority becomes increasingly clear. Compared to drum brakes, disc brakes are more stable, more consistent and offer better response and fade resistance in an emergency.

The brake discs are vented, which lowers the working temperature of the tyres and wheels. This has a positive effect on the service life of the tyre and reduces the risk of separation between the tyre carcass and the tread.

As a result of the electronic braking system (EBS), actuation of each wheel brake is instantaneous and in direct proportion to pedal pressure. This greatly enhances stability in all conditions and allows drivers to maintain more control and composure during emergency stops. And because electronics act more quickly than traditional air systems, brake release occurs instantly, allowing you to save more fuel.

Drum Brakes

Scania drum brakes – a tradition you can depend on.

Scania drum brakes are rugged and robust. By nature, they are equipped to operate effectively and reliably in muddy, dusty, wet and sandy conditions. For this reason, many drivers prefer drum brakes over disc brakes for off-road applications.

To meet the specific needs of construction companies, Scania has continued to develop drum brakes in conjunction with ABS. The results: improved off-road performance and simplified on-site brake maintenance. Routine maintenance at each wheel is limited to three grease points, while inspection apertures enable easy checking of the brake shoes.

Drum brakes are currently available for chassis heights ranging from high to normal.