The latest Scania trucks offer more scope than ever for optimising load carrying and load handling. And what's more, a host of factory adaptations allows the time needed to fit the bodywork to be cut to a minimum.

Our goal is to make the process of mounting the body to the truck as quick, simple and cost-effective as possible. Several wheelbase options for each axle configuration mean that virtually all types of common and specialised bodywork can be accommodated without the need for complex modifications.

Chassis can be supplied with pre-drilled mounting points and cut-to-fit frames. What’s more, up to 18 electrical poles can be accessed from the cab, for switching, warning or monitoring. The CANbus-based makes integration of bodywork electrics exceptionally smooth. The electrical infrastructure is there – all you need to do is choose the equipment you want, secure it, plug in and switch on.

Frame preperation

A wide array of frames, drilled and prepared to suit your needs.

Scania’s modular construction offers bodybuilders a countless range of alternatives. From tow beams to draw beams. Permanently or temporarily mounted. From pre-routed cable harnesses to a variety of pre-drilled hole patterns. Besides supplying just the right components, we make mounting as easy as can be.


Scania always aims to reduce complexity. In the case of vehicle electronics, we’ve made them as user-friendly as possible.

And by user-friendly, we mean for everyone: the driver, the owner, the maintenance technicians, as well the bodybuilders who need to tap into the system to power auxiliary equipment.

Despite the system’s advanced technology, the actual electrical circuits are anything but complex. The adoption of CANbus electronics greatly reduces the number of cables and connections routed around the chassis. This means that the possibility for electrical failures is vastly diminished. And in the event of a failure, any problem is much easier to locate and rectify.

5th wheel coupling

Save weight, time and money with a factory-supplied fifth wheel.

Unique to Scania, any tractor equipped with two- or four-bellow rear air suspension can be supplied with a ready-mounted fifth wheel. With less mounting support equipment required, this offers payload gains of approximately 70 kilos. And because it comes factory-direct, it also means faster delivery time and lower bodybuilding costs.