Long-lasting riveted steel construction. A solid backbone for any application.

Scania frames have extremely high structural integrity and high yield limits. Through thorough testing and decades of experience, we’ve created a range of stable, durable frames for loads of all sizes, and trucks of all heights and dimensions.

For superior rust protection, Scania frames are guarded by a unique powder coating technology. Following blasting and priming, each frame is coated with a powder, which is then melted to provide a nearly impenetrable, eco-friendly coating. This technique ensures a long service life for your vehicle, even in the harshest driving conditions.

Scania frames are available in extra low, low, normal and high versions, depending on the requirements on cargo volume and clearance.
  • Standard duty frames cover virtually all highway applications up to maximum legal gross weights.
  • Heavy-duty frames are built for more arduous on- and off-road conditions, as well as for vehicles hauling gross weights that exceed normal limits.
  • Extra heavy-duty frames are suitable for the most extreme on- and off-road conditions, and for exceptionally high gross weights.