Scania Safety and Driver Support

Scania Driver Support

Scania Driver Support is a real-time support system that coaches you with hints and feedback to refine your driving style. This innovation, which is now standard on new Scania long-haulage vehicles specified with retarder, EBS and a GRS gearbox, helps you maintain the skills obtained during driver training. It focuses on key factors that heavily influence safety and economy.

Scania Driver Support continually analyses data from sensors in the vehicle to help enhance driver performance. It coaches the driver with advice and hints underway and makes an accumulated assessment of driving style. Tips and scores are displayed in four categories in the instrument cluster.

What is measured?
Hill-driving: Uses gears, accelerator pedal and vehicle momentum in varying topography
Anticipation: Anticipates different situations, based on accelerations and decelerations as well as the interval between accelerating and braking
Brake use: Makes efficient use of the standard and  auxiliary brake system (Scania Retarder and exhaust brake).
Choice of gears: Selects and shifts gears to match engine load and terrain

Using Scania Driver Support extends the positive effects of driver training courses. Tests have shown that Scania Driver Training can reduce fuel consumption by up to 10% immediately. Combined with Scania Driver Support, variation in fuel consumption is also dramatically reduced from 15-20% to around 5%, indicating a much more consistent driving style.