Scania Special Purpose

Scania Defense

Refuse collectors

Whether your refuse operations are domestic, industrial, private or public, Scania offers excellent value for money. The robust Scania chassis ensure optimised life-cycle cost in this heavy application.

Scania's dedicated chassis adaptations in the refuse collection segment mean that long-term durability and profitability are secured. Drivers appreciate the ergonomics and handling and automatic transmissions or Scania Opticruise are perfect options for stop-and-go urban applications.

You can rely on Scania for a total environmental focus with reduced life-cycle costs and optimal uptime. Scania EGR enables Euro 5 and EEV compliance with up to 20% savings in fuel consumption. Renewable fuels are another Scania specialty. Diesel engines adapted to run on ethanol have been operating in Scania city buses since the 1980s and are now available on trucks. Depending on how the ethanol is produced, carbon dioxide emissions are cut by up to 90%. Scania also permits the use of up to 100% biodiesel in its engines.

In short, it’s about pride of ownership. And it all starts with the core Scania values of outstanding fuel economy, exceptional driveability and legendary reliability – proven over millions and millions of miles.