Scania trucks consistently enjoy high residual values. Drivers and owners enjoy them even more.

One of several reasons for Scania’s cost benefits is the high and lasting quality of the cab. Every cab we build is the result of extreme structural strength, high-quality materials, comprehensive corrosion protection and a sheer, lasting finish.

The distinctive shape and imposing presence of a Scania cab is built around a tough, rigid steel cage. This structure has been thoroughly designed to withstand severe impacts – to protect the driver as well as to reduce damage on surrounding vehicles in the event of a collision.

Our laboratory tests subject fully built cabs to much more than a truck’s total lifespan of vibrations and road shocks. Only this way can we and our drivers rest assured that theoretical computer calculations are truly replicated in the toughest of real operating conditions.

The result of this painstaking attention to detail is a cab of genuine quality that can, and will, withstand years of daily use as well as the inevitable occasional abuse.