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  • Driver's Airbags SRS

    The airbag is integrated into the steering wheel. This affords the driver extra protection in the event of a collision. The airbag reduces the risk of neck and head injuries. It offers the best protection in combination with a safety belt and belt pretensioner. The rapid deceleration or violent lateral movement of the vehicle could otherwise dislodge the driver from the seat when the airbag is inflated.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

    ACC assists the driver to maintain a constant time gap to vehicles in front. The cruise control can be set with time gaps in stages that are shown in the instrument cluster. Scania's adaptive cruise control uses the engine, retarder and service brake to maintain the set distance. The system also includes a collision warning. The driver receives a warning in the display when the distance to the vehicle in front is too small and an audible signal is given if the driver does not act.

  • Advanced Emergency Braking (AEB)

    AEB is an advanced emergency braking system, which by means of camera and radar can mitigate the consequences of road accidents with vehicles in front. When AEB detects a risk of collision, the system will be activated in 3 stages: (1) A red warning with acoustic signal is shown in the instrument cluster. (2) If the driver does not react and the risk remains then the AEB vehicle brakes gently. (3) If there is no further response then the AEB vehicle brakes with full force.

  • Seat Belt Pretensioner

    To enhance the protection afforded by the safety belts, the seats can be equipped with pretensioners that rapidly tighten the safety belts in the event of a collision. The belt pretensioner holds the driver more firmly than a standard safety belt and thus reduces the risk of injury, as well as allowing the driver to regain control over the situation more quickly.

  • Red Seat Belts

    The driver's seat is equipped with a red coloured high visibility safety belt.

  • 2 kg Fire Extinguisher

    Rechargeable powder extinguisher with a capacity of 2 kg. The fire extinguisher is mounted on a bracket and fastened with a strap.

  • Bluetooth

    The Bluetooth function allows calling without using your mobile phone directly. The mobile phone's phone book can be downloaded from the SIM card to the instrument cluster for viewing. Calls are easily made by navigating with the steering wheel buttons and talking into the microphone fitted on one side of the driver's seat.

  • Touchscreen Premium Radio with Integrated Satellite Navigation

    The Scania Premium Radio follows the lines of the instrument panel and gives a neat and uniform impression. It features a 5" colour touch screen display, CD player and satellite navigation. Compatibility with MP3, WMA, CD-R and CD-RW. iPods & iPhones are supported via the USB port and music streaming from handheld devices via Bluetooth or AUX input jack. Volume is automatically adjusted by the vehicle's speed (gala function) and mutes if, for example, lane departure warnings sounds. Display features music information and call details. Control buttons on the steering wheel can be used for selections between the radio's various functions.

  • Alcoa Dura-Bright®

    The aluminium wheel rim, Alcoa Dura-Bright®, has surface treatment which is integrated with the aluminium and therefore provides highly resistant surface protection with long service life. The wheel rim, has a smooth and shiny surface. The wheel rim is forged which makes it strong and resistant to impacts and jolts. Dura-Bright® EVO has better pH resistance and corrosion resistance compared to its predecessor Dura-Bright® XBR. Please note: This Premium Feature upgrade is for models with Alcoa brushed aluminium alloy wheel rims to Aloca Dura-Bright® polished aluminium wheel rims.

  • Premium Driver's Seats - Heated and Air Suspended

    The Premium seat has air suspension and a wide range of adjustments. Intuitive controls with switches and controls in different shapes and material feel, ergonomically positioned. The seat can be tilted, is adjustable for legroom and height, and has integrated head restraint. There is a quick release valve for the rapid release of air from the seat. The seat also has adjustable lumbar and side supports, and adjustable suspension. The safety belt is integrated in the seat. Its height is adjusted automatically. Scania's seats can support a load of up to 140 kg.

  • Terms and Conditions

    Safety and premium features $zero dollars promotion available on selected models only while stocks last | Safety and premium features as listed above | Not all safety and premium features available on all models | Safety and premium features $zero dollars promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other CablePrice offer | CablePrice (NZ) Limited reserves the right to vary or cancel this promotion at any time, without notice | Safety and premium features $zero dollars promotion is not available to fleet customers | Overseas model shown for illustrative purposes only and may feature additional items not available in New Zealand | This offer is valid for new Scania truck orders placed between 1 October 2017 and 18 December 2017.