Product Support Diagnostics



CablePrice workshops and field service technicians are backed by dedicated Product Support advisors who can provide expert advice and factory backed technical support for the full range of our brands and products. They are also equipped with the latest diagnostic tooling to help quickly identify the problem and minimise the down time of your product.

Working conjointly with our suppliers, CablePrice has invested heavily in diagnostic tooling to ensure we have the technology to offer advanced services that help reduce your repair and maintenance bills, and increase your product's up time.


Machine Information Centre & ICX Downloads
The most advanced machine management system available. Hitachi designed and developed, the Machine Information Centre (MIC), through the use of ICX units installed in all Zaxis excavators (over 6,000 kgs) and palm computer download technology provides real assurance and purposeful reports for the machine owner to make educated decisions from, which can save both time and maintenance costs ...Read More


John Deere's Dealer Technical Assistance Centre
No matter where you are in New Zealand, through John Deere, CablePrice have access to one of the most comprehensive Dealer Technical Assistance Centres in the world....Read More

Total Machine Control
John Deere's Total Machine Control (TCM) provides constant monitoring of systems and alerts the operator of any abnormal functions so immediate action can be taken to prevent expensive downtime...Read More


Probe Oil Analysis & Fluid Condition Monitoring Programme
The control of a vehicle, plant and equipment maintenance and servicing costs are key factors in the successful reduction of overall operating costs...Read More