Oil Analysis


Oil Analysis

The control of a vehicle, plant and equipment maintenance and servicing costs are key factors in the successful reduction of overall operating costs.

A programmed analysis of lubricants, fuels and coolants is a valuable resource for preventative maintenance and fault diagnosis. Our oil sampling program use the Inspec "early warning system" developed by Oilcheck and is marketed throughout New Zealand by CablePrice (NZ) Ltd. Oilcheck Pty. Ltd. is a totally independant commercial laboratory and is fully certified with the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA).

The Oil Analysis Programmes have been structured in such a way that they provide the customer with the best chance of detecting problems as early as possible. It is by far the most PRE-EMPTIVE system in the market place. Test methods utilised are selected on the basis of their accuracy and reliability, not on the "convenience" for the lab. The tests themselves have been configured to suit the relevant compartments so that they "complement" each other and provide the best "picture" possible. In many cases, these factors enable the identification of problems (and more importantly, "potential" problems), before damage has occurred.

The oil analysis kits provided are suitable for engines, transmissions, final drives, hydraulics, etc. They include testing to establish equipment and oil condition and contamination. Identification of incorrect usage of oil is also provided.

As many more customers are becoming aware, one successful saving of an expensive piece of equipment will far outweigh the total dollars spent on oil analysis. The oil analysis system is the best value for money insurance available to the customer. It is an effective tool in reducing overall operating and maintenance costs.

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Note: The accuracy of any analysis program depends on the submission of a representative sample of the product to the laboratory. Make sure that the correct sampling procedures are followed. Please contact your nearest CablePrice Service Department if any assistance is required