Bell: Fleetm@tic


Bell: Fleetm@tic

Bell Articulated Dump Trucks (ADT’s), aim to provide the lowest cost per tonne equipment solutions and deliver added value to their customers with Bell Fleetm@tic. Fleetm@tic is Bell’s own telematics system designed to be your eyes at the worksite so that you can keep your fingers on the pulse of your operation.

See the location of your machine; how much time it has spent idling, how many times it was loaded as well as how many tonnes it has moved, whether the operator is working carefully and efficiently and whether any alarms have sounded.

Fleetm@tic is designed to take the headache out of fleet management. Whether it’s fine-tuning your ADT productivity, monitoring the technical well-being of your trucks or policing for losses, Bell Fleetm@tic is there to meet your needs, efficiently and economically.

With a secure website you can observe your machines working from anywhere – office, home or away. Bell Fleetm@tic can save you time and money, while protecting your investments.

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