Hitachi: ConSite & Owner's Site


Hitachi: ConSite & Owner's Site

Hitachi are proud to offer ConSite & Owner’s Site Fleet Management Services, providing in-depth monitoring and analysis capabilities never before possible. Take your machines to the next level with ConSite & Owner’s Site

ConSite: Automated Data Reporting

ConSite is a data-reporting service linking you to your machines to assist the running of your business. ConSite closely monitors the entire operation of a machine to assist in improving its overall performance and increase machine availability and efficiency.

ConSite provides this information via operational data reports sent every month by e-mail, putting you in control to ensure machines are being operated in an efficient and profitable manner.

In the unlikely occurrence of a machine fault, ConSite detects the urgency by using its intelligent filtering system and then reports the fault to you and your nearest authorised service dealer immediately, reducing downtime and getting your machine working again, faster.



Data Report Service

The data report service lets you visualise the operational status of your machine and monitor your machine’s day to day operation status in order to maintain optimum efficiency and performance. 


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 Owner’s Site: Web-based Machine Overview

Owner’s Site is an internet-based fleet management system, enabling you to access up to date operational data and maintenance status of your assets from your PC, Tablet or Smartphone. Owner’s Site also assists environmental impact management by providing CO2 emissions data, idling time and fuel consumption rates of your machines.

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