John Deere: JD Link


John Deere: JD Link

JDLink™ is the solution for customers and managers who want to take their operation to the next level of productivity and efficiency without leaving the office! 

Using the power of JDLink™ you can optimise productivity, increase uptime and boost profits with machine information accessible from a laptop, desktop computer, or mobile device: 

• Stay informed on machine location and hours
• Protect your assets with Geo-fence and Curfew alerts
• Keep your assets running with maintenance tracking
• Track and analyse machine and fuel usage to make operation management decisions

Machine data is collected and wirelessly transferred to a John Deere data server, where it’s made available to you via the JDLink™ website.

Stay connected on-the-go with the JDLink™ app, available on both Apple and Android devices. No need to start up your desktop, launching the app only takes a few seconds.

Users are able to:

• View the location and get directions to machines from any location
• Receive and acknowledge machine alerts and alarms
• Ping machines for up-to-date notifications
 The JDLink™ App is available through iTunes® and Google Play Stores.

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