Service Contracts


Service & Maintenance Contracts

If you don't have a Fixed Price Service Contact or a Planned Maintenance Contract with CablePrice, take a moment to look at this overview of each type of contract available, and see how these contracts can help you.

Fixed Price Service Contracts
Service Contracts offer you the convenience of periodic servicing of your equipment or vehicle. Each service includes oils, filters, oil sampling and all inspections/adjustments recommended in the operation manual for the product being serviced.

Planned Maintenance Contracts
Used widely in the mining and transportation industries, planned maintenance contracts provide you maximum machine availability by reducing downtime as a result of detecting problems early. This allows maintenance to be performed with the least interference to your schedule, and reduces unexpected costs by replacing parts before failure.

Each Planned Maintenance Contract is designed for your specific needs. A Planned Maintenance Contract can cover preventive maintenance, selected machine components or the entire product.

Whichever contract you choose there are many advantages to planning your maintenance:

  • Cost Effective
    Problems are discovered in their early stages, while they are still only minor repairs, and before they affect other machine parts and become costly, major repairs.
  • No Unexpected Costs
    The price of the Planned Maintenance or the Service Contract, including parts, labour, equipment, supplies, lubricants, etc.. is established at the signing of the agreement. Thus, making your budgeting and forecasting that much easier.
  • Quality Parts & Technicians
    Experienced technicians perform the maintenance work using quality genuine parts.
  • Longer Machine Life
    Regular maintenance increases the life of the machine.
  • Machine Resale Value
    Customers interested in used equipment are more willing to pay a premium if there is a written record of regular maintenance performed by experts.
Available Service & Maintenance Contracts;

Scania Repair & Maintenance Contracts