Scania Service Contracts



Keep your Scania wheels turning and earning.

At CablePrice, we build our business around your business. We know it's important to keep your vehicles rolling and offer outstanding uptime. Scania engineer and build vehicles with staying power, and to get the most out of your truck we offer service programs to keep your Scania in prime condition.

Maintaining your vehicle in prime condition - and keeping it on the road longer - is also an important part of your profitability picture. Eliminate the fear of costly and unexpected downtime and enjoy the benefits of scheduled maintenance and service that works with you to ensure your Scania wheels keep turning...and earning!

The ScanPlan Maintenance and Service contracts offer numerous benefits for you and your fleet:


  • Cost Effective
    Problems are discovered in their early stages, while they are still only minor repairs, and before they affect other parts and become costly, major repairs.
  • No Unexpected Costs
    The price of the planned maintenance or the service contract, including parts, labour, equipment, supplies, lubricants, etc.. is established at the signing of the agreement. Thus, making your budgeting and forecasting that much easier.
  • Quality Parts & Technicians
    Experienced technicians perform the maintenance work using quality genuine Scania parts only. No exceptions!
  • Longer Machine Life
    Regular maintenance increases the life of the vehicle 
  • Machine Resale Value
    Customers interested in used vehicles are more willing to pay a premium if there is a written record of regular maintenance performed by experts. 

Download the ScanPlan brochure to find out which ScanPlan contract is going to best suit your business needs