EQUIPLAN Service Contracts

CablePrice’s extensive service network has excellent geographical placement, with 14 branches and 2 service dealers nationwide, staffed by highly qualified technicians in well-equipped workshops, who are trained to keep your assets and business moving.

Brand new or a bit older, your asset is a precision machine, backed by years of intelligent engineering. So it makes sense to contract with CablePrice for all your maintenance needs.

Our maintenance procedures follow factory guidelines at intervals aimed to avoid time-consuming and costly problems occurring, and to maximise your uptime and your operating economy.

A CablePrice service contract also gives you predictable costs, so you can focus your time and energy on your business.

Machinery that has been on an EquiPlan service contract and exclusively serviced by CablePrice, frequently commands excellent resale values and are highly sought after in the used machinery market.

Our technicians work with specially designed tools and use high-quality OEM parts and lubricants. Maintenance is more than just changing oil, filters and other fluids.