EQUIPLAN Service Contract Terms


Service Contract Terms

We can offer service agreements that cover the life of your asset at a fixed price. Pricing is consumer price index (CPI) linked and because it is based on actual usage you only pay for servicing when your machines are working.

With our flexible terms and payment options, combined with the best servicing, we are able to offer your business a product that is suited to your needs and provides maximum peace of mind.

With our experience and expertise in the service contract environment, CablePrice’s sales team can help fit your needs and cash flow to our product, giving you the cover needed at the best possible rate.

In addition to service contracts, CablePrice can also offer a range of finance options to make your next asset purchase even easier and more cost effective.

Standard agreements 

We use straight forward, fair and independently reviewed legal agreements. Using these agreements insures our obligations are clearly defined and your rights are protected.

Agreement management and confidentiality 

We will actively review, report on and discuss any changes that may be needed, to ensure you receive the cover you expect. All documentation and communication will be treated in the strictest of confidence. We respect and value your trust in us.