Service Assistance


Service Assistance

CablePrice is dedicated to ensuring your operation is running at optimal performance. To ensure this, we support your business with a dedicated 24 hour a day, 7 days a week product support service, called Service Assistance.

Our Service Assistance network spans the length of the country and includes 14 fully owned and operated CablePrice branches, a CablePrice Satellite Site, and 2 authorised service dealers,  all of which are available through one efficient and easy to remember free-phone number; 0800 555 456.

Our Service Assistance fleets are equipped with the latest technologies in diagnostic tooling, and are staffed by teams of highly trained and experienced service personnel.

The Service Assistance network offers the convenience of having your equipment serviced and repaired on site by experienced field service technicians.  These factory trained technicians can offer a full range of services, from routine servicing, through to roadside emergency breakdown support, to major component replacements, on not only the products and brands we promote, but across all range of products and brands.
So when you have a problem, we’re here, ready to assist you to keep your products running with minimal downtime.

Anywhere in the country, anytime, day or night, if you have a problem call CablePrice Service Assistance on: 0800 555 456