Montabert Rock Breakers

Montabert Rock Breaker

Montabert Rock Breakers

IR Montabert's rock breaker designs includes a built in shock absorber to reduce vibrations transmitted to the carrier boom and cabin. With low noise emission from the Super Metro Silenced version, IR Montabert is the ideal product for contractors working in metropolitan areas.

IR Montabert manufacture hydraulic rock breakers to suit all types of carriers from 0.7 ton -75 ton. 

Continuous investment in new methods of production, management, training and control has enabled IR Montabert to continue to reinforce its position as a hydraulic equipment leader and guarantee customers the optimal level of quality they have come to expect.

Product Categories

Montabert Silver Clip Range Rock Breaker

Montabert Silver Clip Range
Montabert Medium Range Rock Breaker Montabert Medium Range

Montabert Heavy Range Rock Breaker

Montabert Heavy Range