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Montabert Silver Clip Rock Breakers

The Silver Clip, Montabert's newest rock breaker developed for carriers ranging from 700 kg to 7 tons encorporates the latest technologies to improve productivity and efficiency. Thanks to its completely new design – easy use, high performance, reduced maintenance – this new range proposes a new way to work as, for the first time in the world, you can fit either a bucket or a vibrating plate onto the breaker.

One of the main features of the Silver Clip range is its cylindrical, ergonomic shape giving access to the most difficult spots whilst avoiding overheating of the equipment, thus ensuring a high productivity for a long time. On the soundproofing side Montabert has also performed outstandingly, as the striking assembly is maintained at the top and the bottom by suspensions which are not in contact with the outer cylindrical housing.  Also, these new breakers present a completely new design inside with fewer moving parts and without tie rods.  In less than five minutes the hammer can be completely disassembled without specific tooling, and maintenance costs will be further reduced.

Another innovation of the Silver Clip range is the patented treated steel ring system , the “Clip”, which retains the bushing of the tool and protects the greasing system.  This ring is very easily removable with a multiple-use tool supplied with the breaker, which releases the sliding bushing and the tool instantly.

The versatile breaker:
The idea of Montabert was not only to release another new range of breakers, but to propose a new work concept increasing considerably the productivity of equipment.  Montabert is the first manufacturer in the world to propose a rock breaker which can be fitted with a bucket or a vibrating plate!

The bucket, called the “Clip Bucket”, does not need any hydraulic connection and can be fitted easily in the simplest way … mechanically.  The bucket flange has been designed so as to match perfectly with the bottom of the housing, and the tool is then positioned into the casing. The operator has then to lock the device with a retaining pin.  This assembly “breaker and bucket” will enable the operator to clear the debris quickly and easily with the same machine without using any other equipment.

With the vibrating plate, the “Clip Ram”, the breaker will provide the requested vibrations for compacting without any additional hydraulic connections.  This is the ideal equipment for trenching work. After having dug the trench, the operator can refill the excavation and compact it with the same tool.  This new range of breakers is becoming the accessory of all accessories for improved productivity on all types of site.

Model Line Up

Silverclip Breakers


Carrier Weight

Operating Weight

Tool Diameter (mm)


1.2 - 2.0




2.0 - 5.0




3.0 - 7.0



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