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Hitachi EX1200-6

For the big Jobs, rely on Hitachi. With years of experience at the coal face, Hitachi are recognised as making productive and reliable large mining excavators capable of operating efficiently for tens of thousands of hours almost non-stop.

The 111-tonne EX1200-6 is equipped with a powerful large-displacement engine. An intercooler is used to provide optimal fuel efficiency, helping to keep total running costs down. The powerful engine is combined with a highly efficient hydraulic system to offer ample excavating power for even the toughest sites.

The large capacity bucket offers an increased excavating power-to-bucket-width ratio. The result is increased work efficiency for higher production.

Engine Gross Power 567 kW (760 hp)
Operating Weight Backhoe : 111 000 kg
Loading Shovel : 114 000 kg
Backhoe Bucket PCSA Heaped : 5.2 - 6.7 m3
CECE Heaped : 4.6 - 5.9 m3
Loading Shovel Bucket     PCSA Heaped : 5.9 - 6.5 m3