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ZX690LCH-5A Series

ZAXIS-5: Empower your vision

New ZAXIS provides reliable solutions: impressive fuel economy, swift front movements, and easy operation. You’ll also find Hitachi technological prowess and expertise, such as the optimized hydraulic system and engine.  New ZAXIS features the key benefits of high quality, low fuel consumption, and high durability, all of which serve to ensure low running costs.  New ZAXIS, which is empowered by comprehensive evolution, will realise customers’ visions and dreams, and pioneer your colorful future.

More production with excellent performance

Our customers expect a consistently high level of performance from their large Hitachi excavators, whether they are working on large-scale construction projects or busy quarries. In order to meet those expectations, Hitachi engineers designed the new ZAXIS 690 with a variety of measures intended to increase speed and efficiency, and therefore maximise production levels on any job site.

High quality and durability

One of the reasons why customers choose Hitachi is our reputation for producing reliable, durable and high-quality construction equipment. Like all other Hitachi large excavators, the ZAXIS 690 benefits from our advanced technology and manufacturing expertise gained over more than four decades. So it can be relied upon to perform in the toughest quarries and other job sites.

No compromise on operator comfort

The comfort and safety of those who operate Hitachi large excavators were among the top design priorities of our engineers. That’s why the cab for the new ZAXIS 690 has been carefully created to incorporate a variety of user-friendly features and offers all-round visibility. This has resulted in a pleasant and secure working environment for any job site, and an operator experience that is second to none.

Simplified maintenance

Time is precious on any large-scale construction site or quarry. So the quicker and easier it is to maintain Hitachi large excavators, the sooner our customers can focus on the task at hand. The new ZAXIS 690 has a range of easily accessible features to allow for quick and easy routine maintenance and cleaning, helping to ensure maximum uptime and providing peace of mind that your machine is performing at optimum capacity.

Support chain

As soon as you become a Hitachi customer, you can rely on first-class after-sales service from your authorised dealer. Hitachi provides extensive support to each of the dealers within the global network, so that they can ensure your ZAXIS 690 continues to meet your requirements and exceed expectations. To further protect your investment in Hitachi construction machinery, we have introduced the Hitachi Support Chain after-sales programme. This gives you the flexibility to create a tailor-made service plan from the following key-areas, “links” in the chain of service available from Hitachi via your local dealer.

Model Code ZX690LCH-5A
Engine Rated Power      345 kW (463 HP)
Operating Weight 68, 200 - 69, 100 kg
Backhoe Bucket 2.9 - 4.0 m3