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Hitachi ZX75US-5

Short Tail Swing and Ease of Control

The ZAXIS 75US is a short rear-end swing type excavator for productive job in tight space. No more worrying about striking against surroundings. This increases productivity in confined areas and on narrow roads.

The Hitachi hydraulic system, featuring excellent controllability, allows for quick response to varying job needs, like powerful excavation and smooth grading. The cab is full of new designs, including multifunction monitor and functional controls, for pleasant operation.

The ZAXIS 75US is a fuel-thrifty machine too. The new electronically-controlled engine and new fuel-efficient hydraulics are adopted for less fuel consumption. The ZAXIS 75US will be your trusted partner when the going gets tough.

Model Code ZX75US-5
Engine Rated Power   34.1 kW (45.7 HP)
Operating Weight 7 360 - 8 680 kg
Backhoe Bucket ISO Heaped: 0.13 - 0.33 m3