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Hitachi Wheeled Excavator

Wheeled Excavators

Hitachi's wheeled excavators bring you the same quality that is built into their renowned excavators. These well-designed, reliable machines give you the mobility you need for your construction needs.

Hitachi's excavators cover all kinds of construction work, and the wheeled excavator is just one of the options you can utilize for special needs. With four models, Hitachi make sure to provide the type of machine that you require. Hitachi has always been known for the controllability and durability of its crawler-type excavators. They put the same engineering excellence into thier wheeled machines to give you high-quality equipment that you can rely on.

Hitachi's wheeled excavators offer mobility when you need to save time for job-to-job movement. They are also multi-purpose like the crawler type excavators, as the front attachment can be switched. With this kind of mobility and usability, Hitachi's wheeled excavators give you increased productivity. Add low maintenance costs and long life to the list, and you have some very reliable AND useful equipment.


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