Hitachi Wheeled Excavators

Hitachi Wheeled Excavators

Hitachi ZX140W-5B

ZAXIS-5: Enhanced power and speed

The new Hitachi wheeled excavators have been designed to offer you greater versatility – used with a variety of attachments, they can complete a wide range of tasks on any construction project. They are also easy to operate, allowing you to get the most from your machine simply and effortlessly. With enhanced power and speed, and reduced running costs, you can see why the new ZAXIS 140W promises to deliver an impressive performance on any job site.

Lower fuel costs

Winning tenders and meeting production targets are highly competitive processes for you to develop your business. The choice of construction machinery is of paramount importance and your success relies on the productivity and efficiency of your equipment. This is where our new HIOS III hydraulic system comes into its own.

The latest advanced hydraulic and electronic technologies are central to our goal of delivering a significant saving on fuel costs with the new low-emission engine. We are delighted that HIOS III hydraulics allow you to achieve 4% less fuel consumption in PWR mode – than the previous ZAXIS P-mode – while maintaining a high level of productivity at the same time*.

Furthermore, a reduction of 12% in fuel consumption is also possible in ECO mode*. This still delivers a relatively high level of productivity using the same amount of fuel.

Versatile performance

Powerful, fast and easy to use, the new ZAXIS wheeled excavators are capable of impressive performance levels and are extremely versatile for a variety of applications. 

The lifting capacity has been increased by 7%, extending the machine’s capability for moving heavy loads. This is further enhanced by the auto power boost function, when greater force is required.  Similarly, a new power boost function increases the digging force by 6% for up to eight seconds, when needed.

The front speed of the new models has been enhanced by the HIOS III boom re-circulation system – pressurised oil is circulated in the boom cylinder when lowering the boom, allowing pressurised oil from the pump to be used efficiently to increase the speed of the arm.

These are easily fitted using the attachment support system, with 11 modes that can be registered on the monitor. A new pressure adjustment feature offers protection of individual attachments by setting the required pressure.

Model Code ZX140W-5B
Engine Rated Power     90.2 kW
Operating Weight 15 500 - 16 900 kg
Backhoe Bucket ISO  Heaped : 0.45 - 0.59 m3