Hitachi Rigid Dump Trucks

Hitachi Rigid

Hitachi EH5000ACII

Refined engineering and New Generation AC Drive system technology has created hauling capability well recognized in the surface mining industry.

The EH5000AC continues to prove itself as an exceedingly capable and reliable solution to mine applications worldwide.

Capable of carrying the big loads for the big jobs, Hitachi's manufacturing and hydraulic expertise has been used to develop a strong, reliable and productive range of heavy duty rigid dump trucks.

Model Code EH5000ACII
MTU Detroit Diesel 16V-4000 C23
Rated Power 2 014 kW (2 700 HP)
Maximum GMW 500 000 kg
Nominal Payload with
Standard Equipment
290 tonnes (320 tons)

To view the EH5000ACII series brochure with specifications click on the PDF link below.