HSC Cranes


Formerly, HSC was a standard bearer of heavy duty foundation base machines, and since then HSC has been having to develop a true foundation base machines for next generation, and it now results in seeing a epoch-making machine, SCX900HD-2 under an accumulated design technologies and field experience of Sumitomo and Hitachi so far with design concept of “simple, refined and reliable”.




 Max. Lifting cap.   90 x 4.0 (t x m)
 Basic Boom Length  12.0 m
 Max. Boom Length  60.0 m
  Engine:  Make  Mitsubishi
 Model  6M70-TL
 Rated Output  272 kW
  Swing Speed:    2.5 min-1
  Travel Speed:  2.1 km/h
  Ground Contact Pressure:  96.0 kPa
  Operating Weight  85.0 t