Isuzu Genset Engines



  Displacement:     97.6 cu in (1.6L)
  Cylinders:    3
  Cycle:    4 Stroke
  Cooling System:      Water Cooled Utilising O.A.T.
  Valvetrain:      OHV  
  Injection:     Direct Injected
  Aspiration    Naturally Aspirated
  Fuel    Diesel
  Dry Weight     363.8lbs (165kg)
  Coolant Capacity:       2.1 qt. (2.0L)
  Oil Capacity:    7.1 qt. (6.7L)
  Horsepower:    17.4kW (23.4HP) @ 1800 RPM Constant
 29kW (38.9HP) @ 3000 RPM Variable
  Dimensions:     528mm W x 682mm H x 611mm L

Turbocharged and Charge Air Cooled
Turbocharged and Charge Air Cool