Isuzu Long Block Engines

Long Block Engines

Isuzu have a range of long block industrial engines to extend the service life of a selection of its popular three, four and six cylinder stationery engines. This will be especially useful for owners of early model Isuzu engines, which have lapsed out of production.

Rather than a mechanic having to fully dismantle and rebuild an engine at considerable cost, and with notable downtime, these Isuzu long block engines provide a much faster and cost effective solution.

Each long block engine is pre-assembled and includes all major components; the remaining ancillary parts are sourced from the donor engine or can be purchased separately if required.

Included in each package is a cylinder head, rocker arm and shaft assembly, intake and exhaust valves, push rods and tappets, valve stem oil seals, all timing gears, gear case assembly and cylinder block. The package also comes standard with camshaft and bearings, pistons, connecting rods and bearings, temporary oil pan assembly, and crankshaft and bearings.

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