John Deere Tracked Harvesters

John Deere Harvesters

859MH Tracked Harvesters

The most comfortable seat in the woods.

Our machines are as impressive on the inside as they are on the outside. Designed by loggers for loggers, the cab of this powerhouse is comfortable, well appointed, and efficiently arranged for maximum productivity. Loggers will appreciate the expansive sight line, with 44-percent more window area. Maximize productivity and reduce operator fatigue with the Rapid Cycle System.

Key Features

  • Tier 2/EU stage II
  • Sealed switch module
  • Standard variable speed reversing fan


Engine power has increased significantly — by 25 percent — for superb multifunction performance

Longer, wider undercarriage maximizes stability no matter the terrain. If you’re working in really big timber or on hills, optional high-torque swing provides increased power, to boost productivity. Up to 45-percent more tractive effort increases capability for negotiating difficult or steep terrain, deep snow, and swamps.

RCS can be tailored to individual skill levels and specific harvesting conditions. Multiple RCS settings can be saved according to individual operator preferences. Novices may prefer a slower, more methodical pace, while highly skilled pros may want faster response.

Optional closed-loop hydrostatic drive boosts multifunctioning even more, particularly on slopes and in rough terrain. Adjust priority between track drive and other hydraulic functions to match site conditions and your operator style or preference

Cab Comforts

The new cab features an all new interior space. Ergonomics have been improved to reduce operator fatigue. The 800M machines have Electro-Hydraulic (EH) controls that minimize joystick effort. The cab has 17 percent more overall volume than the previous cabs. There is also 44 percent more window area ahead of the operator's seat, reducing the need for the operator to rock forward in the seat to gain visibility. Staying in a normally seated position greatly improves operator comfort leading to increased productivity from reduced fatigue.

The advantages to EH joysticks are numerous. There are no oil lines into the cab, which simplifies the overall hydraulic system. These machines also have low joystick effort. In a conventional pilot operated system, the operator has to develop enough force to overcome the force required based on pilot pressure. In an EH system, it is only required to develop the force to move the stick itself. The speed, acceleration, and deceleration of function speeds can all be adjusted to fit an operator's preference. This can be done globally or function by function and stored by operator ID in the interface. A setting for truck drivers who are loading is commonly stored onto the system for safe efficient loading.


Service access differs from the 900M machines due to the Reduced Tail Swing (RTS) design of the 800 series machines. There is an automated clamshell that folds out to the right of the machine. This is also actuated by a single button located on the SSM. This provides a convenient working platform which gives easy access to daily service check points as well as all fuel filters, oil filter, and hydraulic oil filters. There are two hydraulic oil level sight gauges on the machine. One is visible from the cab and one is visible from the service platform.


 Net Rated Power: 246 kW (1,900 rpm)
 Main Pump Rated Flow: 494 L/min 
 Attachment Pump Rated   Flow: 209 L/min
 Tractive Effort:  373 kN
 Swing Torque:  94,740 Nm
 Operating Weight:  34,800 kg

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