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953MH Tracked Harvesters

Tough equipment for a tough job.

When you've got a tough job to do, you need equipment. We're proud to say our 953MH Tracked Harvester fits the bill. It's more powerful so you can take on more of the forest and get more done. With a larger displacement 9.0L engine, it delivers the power you need to move, swing, and harvest faster than ever. Thanks to the lowest daily fuel cost in the industry, you'll be more efficient, too. Through-nose plumbing routes hoses up and out of harm's way to extend hose life, increase uptime, and reduce operating costs. And with our redesigned cab, you'll be more comfortable than ever.

Key Features

  • Tier 2/EU stage II
  • Sealed switch module
  • Standard variable speed reversing fan


All 900M models have a variable speed, hydraulically driven, reversing fan. The directional valve’s solenoid reverses the rotation of the fan, this feature prevents debris from building up on the coolers and can be set to automatically reverse or manually reverse at the touch of a button on the SSM. The reversing time interval is adjustable in the PDU. This valve also contains a reversing fan pressure test fitting.

The 900M and MH models have dual swing motors, this feature is important to harvester operations where the machine spends much of the time swinging to process a log. The dual drives offer a productivity increase due to the increased capability, located inside the swing housing is the rotary manifold this new location is much more accessible, so if service is required, the downtime is greatly reduced. The upper structure and undercarriage can be locked from rotating by pressing the swing lock button on the Sealed Switch Module (SSM), It can then be unlocked by simply pressing the button again.

Cab Comforts

The 900M and 900MH all use the same cab structure. One of the most noticeable changes with the cab exterior is the redesigned light package. There are six independent 24-volt flood lamps across the front cab brow. The top brow consists of four work lights and two centre drive lights, which allows the operator greater freedom to manipulate the lighting direction for maximum visibility. The lights above the cab door are split between one flood light and one drive light. The premium Light Emitting Diode (LED) system enhances the lighting package even more ensuring productivity can be maintained at a high level even at night.

The advantages to EH joysticks are numerous. There are no oil lines into the cab, which simplifies the overall hydraulic system. These machines also have low joystick effort. In a conventional pilot operated system, the operator has to develop enough force to overcome the force required based on pilot pressure. In an EH system, it is only required to develop the force to move the stick itself. The speed, acceleration, and deceleration of function speeds can all be adjusted to fit an operator's preference. This can be done globally or function by function and stored by operator ID in the interface. A setting for truck drivers who are loading is commonly stored onto the system for safe efficient loading.


Service access on the 900M/MH carriers remains similar to the K-Series machines. One button on the SSM raises the enclosure on the right side of the machine for easy access to the daily service checks around the engine and hydraulic system. Four handholds allow for easy manoeuvrability between the cab and engine enclosure. The service access walkway remains standard on levelling units and is an option on non-levelling machines. This walkway allows the operator to easily check daily service points without having to continuously climb up and down the machine.

Net Rated Power: 246 kW (1,900 rpm) 
Main Pump Rated Flow: 532 L/min
Attachment Pump Rated Flow: 209 L/min 
Tractive Effort:  322 kN 
Swing Torque:  110,174 Nm 
Operating Weight:  32,600 kg 

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