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The John Deere 1210G Forwarder offers a 13-tone load capacity with the option of either a 6WD or 8WD configuration. The 1210G features Duraxle heavy-duty bogie axles, and all G-Series Forwarders are equipped with sturdy frames. Its CF7 boom and Duraxle heavy-duty axles make it ideal for both late thinning and clearfell worksites.

The 1210G is powered by a 6.8 L John Deere PowerTech Plus engine providing 156 KW and 935 Nm of torque, resulting in formidable tractive force and travel speed for even the toughest forwarding jobs.

Key Features

  • Rotating and levelling, or fixed cabin options
  • Tier 2/EU stage II
  • 6W or 8W drive options available
  • Good visibility to the load space


Adaptive driveline control is a unique standard feature in G-Series forwarders. This control system improves the machines’ drivability and productivity. The operator selects the desired driving mode (Eco, Normal, Power) for the operating conditions, and the system automatically adjusts the engine’s RPMs to correspond with the engine load and keeps the driving speed steady also during high loads. The driveline control ensures that the diesel engine runs smoothly and uses the available maximum tractive force efficiently during high-load situations. Also, the response of the drive pedal and frame steering have been improved with smart electronic filtering.

The precision and power of the mid-sized G-Series forwarders’ boom control is unprecedented. New controllers, simplified CAN busses and streamlined electrical systems bring more power, speed and precision control to the boom. The updates decrease malfunction sensitivity and accelerate troubleshooting. The number of fuses has been reduced thanks to controllers that recognize overcurrent situations and cut the feed when necessary to protect the equipment.

The optional intelligent boom control makes forwarder work easier and faster and it improves productivity. Boom control is precise, fast and easy because the operator can focus on controlling the grapple rather than the boom joint movements. In the latest 2.0 version of intelligent boom control, the precision of the grapple control has been improved, especially in long reaches. The software uses information about the grapple position, and the speed of the rotation in long reaches matches that of short reaches.

Cab Comforts

Cabin comfort is a productivity factor. The cabin of a John Deere forest machine is a comfortable and ergonomic work environment. The cabin is available as fixed or rotating and levelling version.

The levelling and rotating cabin helps the operator to maintain the correct working posture to prevent stress on the back and shoulder areas. The operator can sit upright even on uneven terrain, and the cabin can be rotated in all directions to face the work area.  The cabin has more legroom in front and the seat has two different height settings. The proven and efficient vibration absorption improves the working conditions further. Levelling and rotating functions are an option in harvesters. The cabin is fixed if these options are not chosen.

Fixed cabin for forwarders is a completely different structure. One advantage of the fixed cabin for forwarders is the low centre of gravity, which provides a steady feel to the seat. The big windows offer good visibility in every direction and also close to the machine and its tires. The cabin has rubber mountings that dampen vibration. The noise level in the fixed cabin for forwarders is low and matches that of the levelling and rotating cabin.




Load Rating:  13,000 kg
Net Rated Power: 156 kW (1600-1900 rpm)
Load Rating: 4.0 / 4.6 or 4.7 m² (narrow/wide), VLS 4.1 - 5.1 m²
Boom:  John Deere CF7
Weight W/ Fixed Cab:  16,180 kg (6W) / 18,080 kg (8W)
Tractive Force:  175 kN 

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